Wax Wreckaz

Name: Wax Wreckaz

Date of Birth: 1999

Coming from: Tirol

Favorite Trick: Switch BS Bar Dancer Tequilla Grab

Favorite Spot: Mountain vs. Dancefloor vs. Bed

Sponsors: Brick, Planet-Sports, Zimtstern, Burton, gloryfy, Contour

Crew: Busy Fingaz, Juwee, Fu & Sensay

Skating since: 1994

Shredding since: 1995

Painting since: Kindergarden

Surfing since: You're talking 'bout the internet, right?!

Dancing since: 1985

Drinking since: maybe around '94, but we actually don't remember ... ;-)

making Music since: 1998

Singing since: 1998

Doing my dishes by my self or by my mom: James, our butler, takes good care of it!

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: White

Favorrite Transportation: Gondola

Favorite Drink pre Sports: Cocoa or Coffee

Favorite Drink during Sports: Weizen-Cola

Favorite Drink after Sports: Vodka-Soda

Favorite Ringtone: De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring

Favorite Boyband: East 17

Favorite Animal: Sloth

Underwear yes or no: Depending on the season

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: We are doing this for world peace!