timo riediger

Name: timo riediger

Date of Birth: 09.12.86

Coming from: fuerteventura/germay

Favorite Trick: nollie 369 kickflip

Favorite Spot: schule recklinghausen

Sponsors: brick beanies

Crew: bleeckandfriends / forvert :)

Skating since: 15 years

Shredding since: 15 years

Painting since: 5 years

Surfing since: 20 years

Dancing since: every time

Drinking since: ...

making Music since: i'm not a musician

when do i sing: when i'm drunk

Doing my dishes by my self or by my mom: 50% - 50%

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: white

Favorrite Transportation: my bus

Favorite Drink pre Sports: bier

Favorite Drink during Sports: bier

Favorite Drink after Sports: bier

Favorite Ringtone: ring ring

Favorite Boyband: gipsy kings

Favorite Animal: shark and tenerifes poison cat

Underwear yes or no: no

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: life is to short go surfing