the makemakes

Name: the makemakes

Date of Birth: march 2007

Coming from: mondsee

Favorite Trick: querseitlicher headover

Favorite Spot: stage, rehearsal room

Sponsors: brick

Crew: the gäng

Skating since: 2007

Shredding since: 2007

Painting since:

Surfing since: 2007

Dancing since: long time ago

Drinking since: 1988

making Music since: 1993

Singing since: 2007

Doing my dishes by my self or by my mom: mom

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: magenta

Favorrite Transportation: t3

Favorite Drink pre Sports: double double vodi red bull

Favorite Drink during Sports: lemonade

Favorite Drink after Sports: milk with honey

Favorite Ringtone: jamba

Favorite Boyband: caught in the act

Favorite Animal: sloth

Underwear yes or no: no

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: worldpeace