Name: Preddy Tendergrass

Date of Birth: Some day before the Summer of Love

Coming from: YugoBulgariaGermany

Favorite Trick: Ollie

Favorite Spot:Cable Krk/HR

Sponsors: personal rec. 

Crew: personal rec. 

Skating since: 

shredding since:

Painting since:

Surfing since:

Drinking since: 1984

when do i dance: when some Rocksteady kicks in

making Music since: 1980

when do i sing: while driving

Doing my Dishes by my self or by my Mom: my dishwasher

Favorite color of my Shoeankles: brown

Favorite Transportation: Volvo V70 Station Wagon

Favorite Drink pre Sports: coffee

Favorite Drink during Sports: water

Favorite Drink after Sports: beer

Favorite Ringtone: vibracall

Favorite Boyband: Fraktus aka Studio Braun

Favorite Animal: Squirrel

Underwear yes or no: yeppa

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: #1, competion is none!