Patrick Hofstätter


Name: patrick "hofi" hofstätter

Date of Birth: 21.07.91

Coming from: austria (upper austria, ried im innkreis and seewalchen)

Favorite Trick: cruising

Favorite Spot: the world

Sponsors: brick beanies, shred ghost, ion art, sqrl, block skateshop, bart

Crew: möt

Skating since: 2000

Shredding since: 1992

Painting since: since i am a little child

Surfing since: never been done before

Dancing since: 2003

Drinking since: 

making Music since: when i am drunk

Singing since: no idea

Doing my Dishes by my self or by my Mom: by myself

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles:every time another color, most black or white

Favorite Transportation: skateboarde, car or train

Favorite Drink pre Sports: water

Favorite Drink during Sports: water and beer

Favorite Drink after Sports: beer and jägermeister

Favorite Ringtone: goldener reiter

Favorite Boyband: rise against

Favorite Animal: cat

Underwear yes or no: yes

what would be your final statement at a beautycompetiton: chill, have fun and join the live