markus knoblechner

Name: markus

Date of Birth: 01.apr.88

Coming from: salzburg

Favorite Trick: going sideways and freeride hills in any way

Favorite Spot: bear's guts - freeride in slovenia

Sponsors: easygoinc. budderup and brick beanies

Crew: rollbrett

Skating since: bought my first skateboard long time ago, but i sucked flipping it / going fast on a longboard since 2013

Painting since: i could hold a pen for the first time / pictures still look the same nowaday

Surfing since:tried only few times...

Dancing since: i had the ultimative control of my legs

Drinking since: milk sinde day 1

making Music since: i was able to hit my mothers cooking pot

Doing my dishes by my self or by my mom: mostly by the dishwasher

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: really? no idea. mostly that ones that come along with the shoe

Favorrite Transportation: my board

Favorite Drink pre Sports: milk

Favorite Drink during Sports: radler, it's so refreshing

Favorite Drink after Sports: more radler, but without lemonade, it's still  refreshing

Favorite Ringtone: mostly that one that is pre-installed

Favorite Boyband: qutsa, does that count??

Favorite Animal: dog

Underwear yes or no: i love my long johns

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: did you like my long johns??