friedl kolar

Name: Friedl Kolar

Date of Birth: 10/26/1978

Coming from: Villach

Favorite Trick: FS 360

Favorite Spot: Zillertal

Sponsors: Ästhetiker, Westbeach, Vans, Oakley, Level

Crew: Ästhetiker, Everyone who´s up for a session

Skating since: 1985

Shredding since: 1990

Painting since: never

Surfing since: 1998

making music since: my first cassett player

Drinking since: a teenager

when do i dance: when drunk

when do i sing: always

Doing my Dishes by my self or by my Mom: myself

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: white

Favorite Transportation car

Favorite Drink pre Sports: minaral water

Favorite Drink during Sports: gatorate

Favorite Drink after Sports: beer

Favorite Ringtone:

Favorite Boyband: nkotb

Favorite Animal: cat

Underwear yes or no: yes and no

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: nice try