Name: Felix Franz Ferdinand

Date of Birth: 19. March 1993

Coming from: Goldegg im Pongau

Favorite Trick: fs butter to nutella toast 180 / bs rodeo eierspeis 360

Favorite Spot: in the wood oven, next to the sourdough bread

Sponsors: BRiCK & Karma

Crew: Franz and Ferdinand

Skating since: never skate since 1993

Shredding since: childhood

Painting since: puberty

Surfing since: trip to Hl in 2012

When do i dance: when the right beat drops / in my crazy mushroom time

Drinking since: puberty

making Music since: i am a non musician

Singing since: in the kitchen / car (alone)

Doing my dishes by my self or by my mom: me and my crew

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: cymk

Favorrite Transportation: plane

Favorite Drink pre Sports: water

Favorite Drink during Sports: water

Favorite Drink after Sports: beer

Favorite Ringtone: happy up here - röyksopp (app: ringtones)

Favorite Boyband: destinys child / TLC

Favorite Animal: fish

Underwear yes or no: occasionally

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: follow me on facebook and instagram