Chris Cab

Name: Chris Cab

Date of Birth: 23rd  of January 1982 / yep, dirty thirty

Coming from: South African Blood in a Tyrolean Child

Favorite Trick: Methods, Switch Methods and the good old Backside 180's

Favorite Spot: Always there, where I just am

Sponsors: Rome SDS, Monster Energy, Vans, Dragon, XDouble Shop, Wasted Youth Skateboarding, Altamont Clothing

Crew: Wasted Youth & Starpissnes

Skating since: 1992

Shredding since: 1996

Painting since: Really?!

Surfing since: Doesn't count… Only a few Days / Weeks a year possible for me.

Making music since: I listen to Music, I don't make it.

Drinking since: …Day 1...

When do i dance: …I really go off and usually embarace everyone around and with me!

When do i sing: …I am usally smashed and in a Karaoke Bar.

Doing my Dishes by my self or by my Mom: I do my Dishes, but my Mom does my Washing because I don't have a Washingmachine anymore.

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: I mean, really?!

Favorite Transportation: Skatebaord, Harley, Plane & Car

Favorite Drink pre Sports: Smoothie

Favorite Drink during Sports: Beer

Favorite Drink after Sports: Beer & Mojito

Favorite Ringtone: The one that goes "ring ring, ring ring"

Favorite Boyband: C'mon now, really, I mean seriously, REALLY?!

Favorite Animal: Dog, Dolphin, Monkey

Underwear yes or no: Winter Yes, Summer No

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: I was raped to do this!