björn hartweger

Name: björn hartweger

Date of Birth: 150983

Coming from: kaprun, austria

Favorite Trick: fs butter to sbs 5/ fs butter to switch frontflip 180

Favorite Spot: langwied/ kitzsteinhorn

Sponsors: brick beanies / retired

Crew: pirate since the beginning

Skating since: i think the first time with 6, so 1989

Shredding since: i think since 1990

Painting since: since i could hold a penn/ but more intense the last 7 years

Surfing since: 1997

Dancing since: do i dance??

Drinking since: no comment

making Music since: i have a guitar but i suck on it / after playing guitar hero

Singing since: never and will never happen

Doing my dishes by my self or by my mom: my dishes i had to make since i'm 15, but if i made it is a nother question...

Favorite Color of my Shoeankles: sorry i don't get this question...

Favorrite Transportation: as long i get where i need to i'm fine...but i like to drive

Favorite Drink pre Sports: back in the days i think the game was drinking it self and there we all won

Favorite Drink during Sports: schiwasser 0,5

Favorite Drink after Sports: weizen 0,5

Favorite Ringtone: silence

Favorite Boyband: i have not found that one yet, i think the best would be if they do the same than my favorite ringtone...shut up

Favorite Animal: this summer i saw a seal again...i like them

Underwear yes or no: if available yes/ if not no

what would be your final statement at a beauty competition: i think i would congratulate päx mölzl for his victory...