anna kruse

name: Anna Kruse

Date of Birth: 06.02.91

Coming from: Aurich, Germany

Favorite Trick: FS Airs, Fs Smith, Iceplant to fakie

Favorite Spot: New York, Playground Skatehall, Any nice transition

Sponsors: Brick Beanies, Iriedaly, Vans, Flow, Morphium Skateboards, Glücksrad Wheels, Brix Store, Playground Skatehall

Crew: My Boyfriend and all my skatefamilies

Skating since: 2004

Schredding since: 

Painting since: 

Surfing since: 2011

Drinking Since: 2004

when do i dance: only when I'm drunk, as I don't care anymore that i can't dance actually

making music since:

when do i sing: always when there is no one around, especially in my car

Doing my Dishes by my self or by my Mom: by myself and i love it

Favorit Color of my Shoeankles:

Favorite Transportation: car or plain

Favorit Drink pre Sports: tee or water

Favorite Drink during Sports: water

Favorite Drink after Sports: selfmade fruit shake

Favorite Ringtone: Santa Esmeralda - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Favorite Boyband: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Animal: I <3 DOGS

Underwear yes or no: yes

what would be your final statement at a beautycompetition: